Investor Services

Investor Services

Forward thinking commercial real estate investors, owners & managers

Real Estate Asset Management

Our experience, market research, and leasing expertise comprise the core skills necessary for exceptional Asset Management services.

Our Real Estate Asset Management Services include:

  • Cultivating and growing the financial health of the asset
  • Managing tenant occupancy while engaging and overseeing property management and leasing professionals
  • Creating and executing a specific asset management strategy exclusive to each property we acquire
  • Making decisions on factors such as hold periods, property improvements and leasing that are driven by the asset management strategy aimed at delivering value to our investors


Investment Property Market Research

Our creative and forward-thinking acquisition strategy is rooted in analytics. We conduct market research for our investors to support their investment decisions and keep them apprised of relevant trends and market conditions. Moss Commercial Property Group strives to help investors fully understand investment methodologies with open and transparent sharing of our analyses.

We provide:

  • A comprehensive view of an investor’s asset portfolio
  • Timely and insightful reporting to owners and investors
  • Online access for our investors and strategic partners to view their asset portfolio anytime through our online investment portal


Investment Portal

Moss Realty Advisors

Our advisor group with over 30 years of commercial real estate experience, is a licensed brokerage entity in Ohio. We provide commercial real estate transaction services through our affiliate Moss Realty Advisors.