“I am pleased to recommend Howard Moss professionally for his experience in owner-occupied development and in negotiations where trust is critical. He is ethical, compassionate, intuitive and strategic, and has been a valuable technical resource and trusted advisor for over 15 years. Among other projects, Howard was instrumental in the development of our Macedonia facility, selecting the original concept architect, soliciting and comparing design-build proposals, negotiating the construction contract, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals.”

Dave P. Bennett III – President
Bennett Supply Company



“Howard’s commercial Real Estate capabilities come from years of experience as a principal, not just consulting. He comes at the transaction with a great foundation in honesty, analytics, market research and unique awareness of niche opportunities and future positioning.”

Patrick Finley – Principal
Omni Property Companies and Omni Senior Living



“We have worked with Howard for over 10 years and have acquired 15+ properties in that time.  Howard and his team have been responsible for the lease-up, construction management and banking relationships on those properties. Howard is communicative, adheres to budgets and is always thinking creatively about maximizing return. Returns across the entire portfolio have exceeded expectations. “

Miles Molyneaux – Chief Financial Officer
Next Sparc